Friday, May 10, 2013

I am back!

Last time I posted was almost two weeks ago - my god! My blog is almost a year old and because of these last months before my graduation, I have already hit a wall with my writing and photography. But I want to be back. I am going to change my blog reading list, find some new inspiration, and continue my blogging journey.
Yesterday was my last day of clinic! We have one more not-so-hard week of school before graduation! Soon I will be an RDH (registered dental hygienist). Oh it is so hard to believe! You know what else is hard to believe - my parents are gifting me with a family seven day cruise to Alaska! My dream come true! Aaaah! Is this finally the time when I get rewarded for two years of hell?! I am nothing but grateful to God and everyone He sent my way to help me through this crazy time! 
I still can't believe I am done, but it will slowly sink in, bit by bit, and every time it does, I am just happy it is in private, because I start crying. Man, what an experience - life changing for sure!
So much is behind now, things it feels like I will never forget (and hopefully forgive some day), but even more is ahead! 
What might seem to be little things are now taking place, but to me they have great meanings: 
- I can now make coffee in the morning (I have the time!) 
- I can finally put the earrings back in (I was wearing them non-stop since I was 6 years old, they are my grandma's, and the instructors made me take them out for who-knows what reason, oh cause they weren't posts, or something, but now they are back in my ears!) 
- I get to wake up slowly, not jump out freaked out by the thought that I didn't remind my patient about our appointment.
I AM FREE is all that is! And it feels amazing!

Here are a couple of instagrams to catch up on these two past weeks of my silence...

I got a new phone - one of the graduation gifts from my Jenya!

I got my cap and gown! "Class of 2013" - you better believe it!

I journaled to get me through this mess!

And I sent invitations out for my graduation! I drew my own picture, scanned it and printed it out to washi tape it to pre made cards - BINGO cute invitations for under $10! 

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Little guests and a walk in the park

Baptism - I'm a Godmother now.

My little babies! It has been two weeks now that we baptized them and they are just more and more joy every day! I am thankful to God for sending them to me (all three of them - their mom too). What a joy!

We won!

First we were stressing out, because we had no idea what to do. Then we were crying because we thought we failed. Then we were crying because we found out we passed! What a day!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


In about 30min I am going to take my last clinical exam. I don't count days till it is over, I just know that I am very close and that it is scary! Like, less-than-a-month-left type of close. I just really hope that God walks me through it, because I feel overpowered by the significance of these couple of weeks in my life. I barely craft, I don't blog, I don't even read my favorite blogs anymore. I did start a journal, a personal one, just because I feel like these emotions are so hard to share, and I barely have time or emotional strength to analyze them, but I want to remember them, because at the end it will all work out and I want to remember how scared I was and how God just made it all work.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Crafting club

Now on Fridays again, we finally gathered together for a little bit of crafting. Friday was a great day, I first walked with my new friend and my two little girlies, then to Sonya for some crafting. Crafting really gets my brains back together, otherwise I would be brain dead by now. S thank God for this club of ours!

Tomorrow is a big day! I will become a Godmother! Very exciting!

A beautiful day together

It doesn't matter what we do, as long as it is not arguing, it is always fun! My husband is my best friend! This Sunday I told him I will go wherever he wants me to, so we went to the desert to shoot his toys and to go offroading. Just two of us having fun, even though it is not what I usually prefer doing, being with my husband is the best activity! And of course I didn't miss the opportunity to capture a little bit of beauty even in the desert.