About Me

I am a 22 year old that looks like a 16 year old. I was born in the Ukraine and lived there for 14 years before moving to Las Vegas, NV. I am an undergraduate student in Dental Hygiene - just one semster to go! I am a wife to my smart, loving, and sometimes unberrable husband. I dream a whole lot of becomming a mommy, and my blog reflects that. I started blogging about three years ago and began a couple of blogs to try different styles and found my happy place here, I am staying for good here. I also tryed not to blog at all for a while and realized that I really need it and like it. So this place is for my pleasure, but I also hope to find friends in here, maybe do some fun projects togeather... 
My life is quite hectic right now with school and all. What keeps me sane is first and foremost God, then my loving family, and crafts! I am definetelly in love with all things handmade and feel like attempting anything from crochetting and knitting, to miniature making, scrapbooking, toy and doll making, drawing, photography, and everything and anything in between. My creations are far from perfect, but they are mine, and my motto is to do whatever I like until I get sick of it or do it really good, but anything that is created in the process is just as valuable, because it is part of me, part of my life, part of my experience. This blog is far from perfect too, sometimes I have my camera and time and it is visually appealing, and sometimes all I have is my ipad and it is just life in its purest form. I talk about my rises and falls, my likes and dislikes, my good days, and really crapy days, and blogging that way is what I realized I really wanted after trying many different things, so here it is! Thank you for stopping by!

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