Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Injecting hurts!

This concludes the third day of injections of anesthesia. Two more and we are done. I also got administered Nitrous today and it wasn't bad... As a result of this productive day, I am left with a bruised roof of the mouth and shaky hands. The good part is that I didn't get poked as many times as was suppose to and that literally made my day! Another thing that is going to make my day is hot chocolate and cookies, chicken soup, crocheting with Marsel and a good friendly movie. Finally something you actually are suppose to do on the rainy day, not get poked... Can't wait to get out if the clinic!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Surviving a hard week through a nice weekend

What do you do if you had a hard week? You try to compensate by having a nice, relaxing, productive weekend. Which is what I did... Well, it started Friday when I went to Sonya to craft with her a little. We had yummy egg plant parmesan made by her, and tea and after she scrap booked and I crocheted as we talked about different blogs and other crafty thing. It was fun, why didn't we do it earlier?
Then Saturday after Jenya came back from work we went to my parents house (they are away on a fun trip) to have BBQ, swim in the pool, sit by the fire, and even watch TV. I love my parent's house, it is so cozy and full of fun activities. We let the goats run around a bit and eat mom's roses (sorry, mom), and they rewarded us with plenty of entertainment, they even tried to eat my dress, what sillies! Molly and Klara - I love you both!

 Then my hubby made us amazing stakes (we each picked our own meat, I had filet mignon - mmmm!). Even cats joined us - both of them, that's unheard of!

It was nice to relax by the pool with a glass of ice cold cream soda - lay on the rocks that have been soaking the sun's warmth all day, watch the clouds, and take much needed deep breaths - this must have been my therapy for the week!

Later we set by the fire and made s'mores. It was a bit hot for that, but I got bummed that we didn't get to
have a fire during our camping trip, so I made Jenya do it anyways.

It was a nice and relaxing weekend, .and the best part - it is not over yet! I am going to continue working on my baby bed for my miniature house, hopefully I will have something to show for it soon!

About how we went camping last week..

For the past two weeks I've been talking about going camping, well we did. Last weekend we packed our bags and tent and went to my parent's property in the mountains. We left late because we had to work and on our way there we witnessed the most beautiful sky!

(the photos are unedited - amazing, right? And can you see that wall of rain on the first photo?..)

But there are not going to be any photos of our fire, our tent or s'mores because as we got there, set up our tent and started a fire, a gushing wind came and our tent almost flue away and our fire got all crazy, so we had to use all of our water - drinking and all - to put it out. It was late, and there was dry thunder and some place not far the rain was pouring, in addition we were out of water and couldn't start the fire, or have a tent because it would fly away with us in it... so we turned around and went home. The end.

Who is He?

Today at church they were asking the same question that He asked his disciples: "who do you thing I am?" They were asking people on the streets that question. Some said He is the messiah, Son of God, some called Him a liar, a phony, a myth. But to everyone, regardless of their believes, He is the savior, the hope of the world. If I would be asked that question I would say that He is, by far, the greatest thing that ever happened to all of us, to this world!
He also is our friend. And that made me think of all those times, when I got so upset with my friends for not having time for me, for not returning my calls, for neglecting me. Well, what kind of friend am I to the Greatest of all? Do I spend time with Him, do I follow up on my promises to Him, do I listen?.. Sadly, I am the worst friend there is... I don't even know how to manage this friendship. Yet just knowing that He wants to be friends with me (me?! It's insane!) is the only light I have in the darkness!
From here

Friday, July 27, 2012

The good times...

I was looking through some old photos and couldn't help, but smile. All the moments of careless happiness and fun warm my heart. I feel like even two years ago I was more innocent in life in general. I feel like when my school started almost a year ago, all that responsibility, stress, studying, learning, physical exhaustion made me stronger, but also older. I am not even sure now if I can have that kind of fun.
Maybe it is because I just completed my first week of summer semester and my mouth is sore from getting 13 injections in one day, and I am so tiered mentally and physically. There is something about those blue scrubs that gives me the blues. I should snap out of it though, because I am obviously blessed to have this opportunity in life, and it is for the better and easier future. "Just one more year!" - I will keep telling myself!
For now... here are a couple of photos that make me smile...

I think all of these are taken by my friend Marsel (thank you for all the grate photos you took in our lives!)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

An important turn in our lives

Today was the second day of school and the first day of anesthesia classes. I administered my first 4 injections! It is so scary to poke somebody with a long needle. I got to say though, it is almost painless (we practice on each other). It is the day I overcame my fears and with God's help it was surprisingly easy. This day is very important in my future career as I learned something valuable and complicated. The privilage of admnistering anesthesia is a long fought battle for dental hygienists in this country and I am thankfull to those who fought for this right so that now we can learn and practice it. From now on we will be poking each other twice a week all day... Haha!
We went to sushi to celebrate this and another little thing that I can't talk about right now (no, I'm not pregnant)... Sushi and bear - what a great way to relax after a hard day of work.

Sunday, July 22, 2012


Today in church they were talking about being honest with yourself, taking fearless inventory of your deeds and feelings and being able to say "I'm sorry!" I thought about it and all the instances I said "I'm sorry but I did it because..." came to mind. I tend to explain and excuse myself after I say I am sorry. This week my husband wanted to cuddle with me, but I was too busy doing who knows what. So I yelled at him to leave me alone. This of course hurt his feelings. The first thing I did was try to explain why I did what I did. Then as I proceeded with something about we had a deal and I don't have much time, I realized how absurd it sounded so I stopped. And he left me just sitting there, my excuses didn't sound convincing to him either... Well the next thing I know my face is in his neck as I am crying and saying the simple words "I'm so sorry" For one short moment.I became honest with myself and realized, that I rejected the love of the dearest person, because I was too busy doing something insignificant, and there was no way to explain it any other way, but that I messed up. I did, and do every day - that's what we do, we mess things up. It is very hard though to honestly repent and wholeheartedly reject the deed, push it away from yourself, instead of making it part of your life, yourself even, by explaining why it was ok in your situation... So that's my discovery this week.
Here is another one - the art of letting go. I found out today that my brother went camping with all of my friends and didn't invite us once again... The feelings that came first were anger and jealousy. As I swam in mom's pool I contemplated, dwelled on those feelings as they grew inside of me. And then once again I asked myself why? All these feelings are no fun, they have destructive nature, so why nourish them? Here am i with my family, my husband is cooking BBQ, I am swimming in a pool, it is sunny, we are about to have much needed time with my mom and Donny - what can be better. So I asked God to help me let go, and of course He did. I mean, it is all the matter of perspective and my feelings are only based in my lopsided little view on the whole situation, and besides, who cares - they are having fun and so are we...
So two thing this week - letting go and saying I'm sorry - pretty deep, I think, I should do this more often.
Oh, by the way, yellow is my favorite color! These yellow things made me smile this week... And tomorrow school starts, ah, wish me luck!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Little yummies make my day better

I have been working all last week (what remained of it after our little trip to Disney Land) and this week and I am tiered! It would be ok if I wouldn't need to study when I get home, it makes me sick to have to sit there and study about anesthesia and pain control and Nitrous the remainder of my time. I manage to squeeze a little bit of knitting there and there, and I am almost done with a little baby jacket! I will be sure to share the diaper cover and the jacket together when I am done. However trying to squeeze in something I actually like doing, means I stay late and have to wake up early to go to work.
I just want to say that I don't like McDonalds food. I don't like most fast food, but a couple of places - In-N-Out, El Pollo Loco, Rubios... McDonalds makes me sick. The only thing I enjoy from them is coffee and cinnamon melt- yum! And it is so cheap, I don't feel guilty for buying coffee somewhere when I have a coffee maker at home. This combo was much needed this morning, I barely got out of bed on time... Eh... I enjoyed every bit of it - such a little thing can bring such satisfaction sometimes.

Also I got this candy bar from a friend - see it? It's Anastasia's confections. They even have their own web site! I think it's kinda cool! You don't see this name around here very often.

Anyways, can't wait for a weekend, so I can get some rest, although it will be over quickly and then my clinic starts... But that's life...

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Kind deeds give hope

To be honest, I have noticed this about myself - it is hard for me to share my deeper feelings with anybody, so my writing here tends to be more shallow, I guess. Here is what I have been thinking - wouldn't it be nice if we could stop and think, before talking. Especially if it is bitter talk, say for example after your beloved husband tells you your opinion doesn't matter... Let's face it, I know he doesn't mean it, but it hurts, so what do I do? - go into defense mode. My every thought is concentrated on hurting him back. I don't know, maybe it is not normal... Maybe it is an acquired habit from being an older sister and fighting with my brother a lot when I was little. I don't know. Sometimes I don't say anything, just drop it and don't say anything. I must say, it is hard at first, but after the first couple of minutes the feelings are about the same as after a loud fight with many unnecessary hurtful words. Only when the words do slip out, the feeling of guilt prevails - so why do it? I don't know why we do it sometimes... But the point is, I just think it would be great if we could stop thinking about our own feelings and see what the other person might feel in reaction to our words.
"Nobody asked you" will be hurtful, no question about it, especially if it is not fair and your decision suppose to matter in this particular question... But what benefit is there in replying at all if you know that even that was said out of defensiveness, or hurt, or protectiveness. People are weird creatures - so self destructing some times! That's why we need God in our life! He is our light, our only hope.
On a brighter note, people can also be amazingly cheering and kind in their little expressions of care and love. My husband, the same husband who hurt me later, in the morning made me lunch to take to work, which allowed me to have a proper breakfast for a change. Also a little French lady that came into our store and bought a safe, came back and brought me her signature French banana bread. The only thing that makes it French is that she is from France and has the cutest accent! It melts my heart just writing about those unexpected sweet things. I think these little things, along with all the love I get from my family - is what keeps me in good mood and gives me hope for humanity. I am just going to concentrate on those and try to forget about the hurtful words that some times, very rarely, slip out...

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Just Another Day

These two days I have a privilige to work with my hubby selling safes. He is the best person to work with, so responsible and great with people. After work we went to one of my favorite places to eat - In-N-Out. I know it's not fancy, but I like their burgers, especially after a long work day when I don't feel like cooking. I think that place is kind of like Disney Land - always clean, fun, neat, and nice people work there, and you the food makes you all happy.

Anyways, we had a blast and it was yummy! Next week my school starts, I moved all of my things into a clinic and Monday is when it all begins. I saw a couple of my girls, I missed them so much, still that doesn't make me want to begin my last year of hell. Although maybe It would be nice to start and just get over with it. Oh, God, help me! For the most part it has been work and homework for me this week. I still hope for that little camping trip we planed last week.

Sunday, July 15, 2012


When you make pizza, do you just randomly sprinkle ingredients, or do you carefully distribute them so they are all neatly even? I do the second. It's tastier that way...

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sweets + Rain

Today Jenya and I both worked in the store. It is was his first day of work after the surgery and we were busy! Between answering phone calls, and talking to the customers, and writing up invoices, we somehow decided to go camping just for one night to the mountains. We wanted to take hot dogs and s'mores and stakes and vegetables, sit around the fire at night, look at the stars that we can't see in the city, and then hug and sleep in the tent, wake up in the morning, go hike, and then come home. What a great plan, I think! But we found out that it was suppose to rain tonight, and not just rain, they were saying thunder and flood. What a bummer, and it didn't even look like it. We almost went anyways, except it turned out I had to do a lot of studying for my online class. Yep, school doesn't let go even during the summer. So we decided to reschedule our little trip to next weekend, take a trip to the Trader Joe's instead, buy some yummies, and stay at home. Well... it did rain alright! All of a sudden it all became dark, and there was thunder and flood and everything they promised!

My funny brother posted on his facebook page: "took a picture of the rain on my window.. was gonna post it in instagram.. saw 15 other pictures of wet windows.. changed my mind.. lol oh Vegas." Yes, rain is a big deal in Vegas, especially with thunder...
Well, on a bright side, we like the rain, my husband and I ran out of the house and were running around in pajamas and barefoot, getting all wet. I was taking pictures of course and he decided to pick up mail - excuses to walk under the rain, you know.

Also we ate a lot of yummy sweets - lemon cookies and fruits in chocolate from Trader Joe's - with hot tea, while listening to the above mentioned thunder, what can be better?

 A-a-and, I finally tried making chocolate covered frozen bananas. I had my first one ever this week in the Disney Land and fell in love. Figured they shouldn't be too hard to make... They are not completely frozen yet, and I already ate half of them, they are so-o-o-o good! 
<Isn't it amazing what a great place a freezer turned out to be for photo taking? The light is just perfect, I didn't even edit the photo... I just might use this place now to take photos of items that don't belong in there...>

I actually extra like this post for some reason... As I am writing this the rain is over, my husband is washing the dishes (he just made pita bread that is quite yummy!), it smells like fried doe in here... This post will always remind me how I don't need to be somewhere special to actually have fun - all I need is my hubby close to me and home is always sweet home!
Now I am off to post my photos on instagram - no windows with drops of rain this time, hA!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Outdoor wedding ideas for a friend

In August it will be two years since we got married. Our wedding was absolutely amazing, and there was lots of crafting arround here in preparation - hand made soap for favors, flower arrangements, invitations, name cards, and many other things. Still, sometimes I see ideas that make me want to have another wedding, with the same groom though. Well now my friend Natasha is getting married in August and I am so excited for her! Her reception will be outdoors so the ideas that I thought were so beautiful, can come in handy, maybe she can use some of them. To me wedding should be romantic, with lights...

From here
From here
From here
From here


From here
 From here

 and balloons...

From here
I hope she has a great wedding full of sweet romantic memories! Having reception outside gives you a lot of sweet opportunities for decoration and the sweet part it could be hand made with love...

A Little Adventure - Disney Land

Disney Land - what an amazingly fun place! Every ride is fun, everywhere music, parades, fireworks, laughter, Mickey Mouse ears... We had a blast, by the end of it all I was exausted, but happy.
As I said before, this was an opportunity to make memories, and oh how happy I am that I took it! Memories sure were made and no doubt that this will stay in my good memories bank for ever.
I was imagining how I would take my kids to this place some day... I would imagine their thrill, and where we would go, and what memories we would make together with my husband and my future kids. I read about it a lot, but it is different when you experience it in your own life - how astonishing it is to think that I have my own family now, and it will soon grow, and we will have our own history together. 
However I now know I will wait till my kids are at least five or so... If I will have enough patience that is...
I really don't know how else to describe this experience, it was too much, too fun, too fast...But as always the photos help me out and hopefully tell their own story.