Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Flying home

We are in the middle of almost 24 hour trip to get to our homeland.
It started with me crying because I lost my tiger pillow in the check point and we didn't have time to come back for it. I am so lame some times. But hey, I really liked that little tiger. Oh well, it was worth it when I saw the green fields and trees of my favorite country through the little round window.
Every time I see that, my heart leaps. As any other immigrant, I have two homes and I love US with all my heart, but it is heart warming to see my little Russia.

Isn't it beautiful?
And just to say how much I also like my ipad. I mean, I'm in the middle of the airport, blogging. How cool is that?!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Cleaning day...

It is exactly what it is - a day of cleaning before a long trip. It is sort of a tradition of ours, I guess. We have today and tomorrow to make sure we leave our home nice and tidy, so it is pleasant to come back.
To be honest I am tiered, but there is a bit more to do. The suit cases are almost packed yet I still can't believe we are almost leaving! How exciting!
On another note, what can be better than a watermelon on a hot day of cleaning work? A freezing cold watermelon of course!
Well, now that I had my little break, back to washing dishes it is...

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Music for summer traveling

I don't listen to the music all the time, but I think there is nothing better than flying on the plain when the whole world is underneeth you, or driving, when trees combine with fields in a blur and rain through a car window with good music softly ringing in your ears. For me a song is a good one, if I can imagine a movie or a slideshow with that song on the background. That way, it is as if you are already in your movie, if that makes sense at all...
So I can't be happier that i finally located my lovely iPad! Didn't need it much when I was in school, but now, I'm so glad it was peacefully laying in my camera bag.
So what I am doing now? Drinking hot tea (what can be better when it's so cool outside?) eating chocolate covered pomegranate, and loading these artists in my trusty friend:
- Adele
- Mumford and Sons
- Of Monsters and Men (my recent new love)
- Feist
- Birdy (that girl is amazing)

Like this...

This is what I consider traveling music. It's not aggressive or offensive, very creative, and simply beautiful!

Summer project picked!

Ok, so after some research and digging in my pinterest boards, I think I finally have decided what I might attempt during our summer trip.
Here is what I looked for in this project: I wanted to make a baby blanket, it had to be crocheted (I have been knitting a lot lately and got a bit tiered of it and I missed crocheting...), I didn't want to mess with long and wide pieces so it had to be made out of many little parts (that way I can just store it in my suite case and assemble it at home), and it absolutely had to be interesting to work with and creative.
So tough to come about...
But I find searching for inspiration very fun, and I even added a couple of beautiful blogs to my reading list...
So without further ado, I would like to introduce to you a beautiful and awesome idea that a very creative seller on etsy came up with...

I think this flower blanket is so sweet, but I wanted to tweak it a bit and make the flowers a bit different... Like daisies for example - blue and yellow, I think it should be pretty!
Or how about these leafs? Although that would be knitting and I would rather crochet...

Or maybe these easy to make flowers... They would come togeather perfectly!

Or these adorable stars! How cute is that? I will just use bigger hook and thicker yarn...

So this is my plan. I am going to take crochet hooks and purchase yarn in Russia. Depending on what they have I will then decide on what exactly this blanket will consist of...

Friday, May 25, 2012

Yarn love

I purchased this yarn almost half a year ago for my birthday from purlsoho (one of my fav stores). I know they are not cheap, but we are talking quality at its best! The yarn is made by Madeline Tosh and you can see all the amazing colors here.
It is the most beautiful, vibrant, and soft yarn ever! I used it to knit a tiny cocoon and a matching hat using this pattern, that I found on ravelry. It turned out better than I could hope for. I simply can't wait to put somebody in there! Will take many pictures for sure as soon as I have a little model to fit in there, otherwise it's kinda sad to just take picture of the result without somebody in it. Or maybe it's just me..
I also got one skin of beautiful green and am still looking for a suitable project...
I truly believe that it is a lot more pleasant to work with high quality materials, even though they are hard to afford for a simple student.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Let the rain sing you a lullaby

Said our good byes to the family... I am ready for the cool rainy nights. It's getting hotter and hotter here in Vegas. Just 4 more days...
Took this picture half a year ago in LA very early in the morning... Then just put words to it that are on my mind...

From last years trip...

We are almost done preparing for the trip and I just can't wait to be surrounded by rich nature again.
I dug out a couple of shots from last year that I took in the village. Oh how in love I am with green, juicy, genuine nature, birds singing, rain pouring! And the best thing is, you can count on it being there every time!
I am so near and so excited!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Summer love

Oh how exciting it is that the summer is a little over a week away?! What I love about summer: swimming, fresh vegetables and fruits, knitting, going on the trips, flowers, sun (although we get enough of that around here during the winter as well). I can't wait to leave the sin city and travel to the place where I hope to rest and recuperate from school and work! I am still thinking about a crafty little project to take with me... I wish I would know anybody who could suggest something fun. It's not fun not to have friends who could share your interests and passions. Can't wait to have daughters, maybe they will craft with me. Haha.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Instagram art

I am at work, searching (my favorite place) while customers are not around and I just found the most amazing idea!
Whimsy Box came up with a way to transfer instagram pictures to small canvases to decorate a house! So just like that out of nowhere I found one of my trip projects! Here is my plan: take pictures in Russia and Ukraine and then make them into these little pieces of art! Love it! Thank you smart and talented people!


Dream come true

About a month ago my mom and I stumbled upon a beautiful doll house in a vintage store down town. I immediately fell in love with it and the next day went with my husband and purchased it.

It's so big we barely have space for it, and it's definitely a long-term project, but man oh man is it fun! I have dreamt of a doll house when I was little and now that I got one, I realize how little I have matured - in my heart I am still a little kid. Which is not bad in most cases.
A doll house is a big investment, with all the light and furniture. I promised myself to make anything I can myself. Where I got stuck is lights in my pretty house. I researched it and apparently I have to wire my entire house BEFORE I begin changing wall paper and putting floors in. Good thing I didn't finish the first room I started working in, so I can still wire it. The problem is all the supplies to get it done are expensive and with our trip to Russia are kind of out of reach right now. So for now, when I feel enspired, I just make little baskets of flowers, carpets, or furniture. I can't wait to encorporate in the room and show before and after. I am really mot a profesional and just do whatever I want and that's what makes it fun!

I have geather a little board of inpirations in my pinterest, so many peopleare so talented, I am always in awe of their anilities and dedication...

And last but not least, if I am ever to tacle that crazy project of mine, this would be my next challenge! How cute is that?! My friend gave me a great idea! Make a little Christmas house that would be a christmas decoration! Oh God, give me patiense not tobegin it nefore I finish what I already began!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Our yearly trip

So we are going to cross half of the earth in 24 hours! Our yearly trip is right around the corner, we are going to be gone in 7 days! I'm so excited! There are things that need to be done, gifts that need to be bought, money that need to be saved, nails that need to be manicured... and then that 13 hour difference to get use to. But the closer I get to it, the more exciting it is!
I am still thinking about a crafting project that I am going to take with me to work on during our trip...
Every time I remember last summer's trip, my heart melts - waking up in the morning, drinking coffee, reading an interesting book, then cross stitching... Such piece!
I will share my summer project idea as soon as I decide on one...


It feels amazing to be out of school for a little while. Even though I am working full time until we leave to Russia, it feels like I have so much free time!
So I did something I don't usually do, played a computer game. To redeem myself, I have to say that this is the most amazing game ever!
Made by amanita design, the most creative independent game designer, it glows with original cuteness. I loved every second of play!

The pictures are from actual game and are taken from the game's oficial website. I believe the game is free for a computer and around $5 for ipad (which should be amazing!)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Magical summer rains

The weather is getting hotter here and I can't help but look forward to rain and cool weather that Russia will most likely greet us with.
In my childhood weather has played a huge role. We had four seasons with snow in the winter and golden fall, with blooming spring and hot summer rains. I miss that, living in Vegas. So I catch myself often imagining how it would be, when we get to our motherland, or in my case close to it...
Last year it rained almost the entire time.
What would it be like this time?
Should be quite magical...

Saturday, May 19, 2012

When I have a little angel...

Pinterest is an amazing source of inspiration. I must confess that even though I still have ways to go untill I have my own little one, making clothes and toys helps me feel closer to my dream. As i knit or sew, I imagine how someday a little person with my husbands eyes (hopefully) will play or wear all that pretty stuff. That's just my way of dealing with my urge to get pregnant...
So here are a couple of pretties that i pinned... For the future... This time it's a girl!


Why I am here

I am a wife to the most loved husband in the world, and a daughter to a hero-mom. I am stuck at school, half way through my dental hygiene degree, and the past year has been the most challenging in my life. I dream about becomming a mommy, but my life style is not going to be suitable for children until I am done with school - just one more year! But I can still dream... Which I do! Hm.. What else?.. Oh! Why I'm here... Because I love crafts and inspiring people, who make life around them beautiful. Blogging is my search for inspiration. The promise I made to myself is that I will blog about what I like and will stop when I don't feel like doing it anymore.So here I am...