Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Done! - Big project:Bubble Baby Blanket!

It all started as a summer vacation project to take to Russia with me. The yarn was obtained and the idea began to come to life. Then it all changed to something completely different. At the end it turned out to be a 46" x 46" Bubble blanket that I am  utterly in love with!
What makes it warm and cozy is the bamboo yarn that I picked with my mother in law and she later had to send me more via mail. So this blanket technically made a complete circle around the earth when it was only a ball of yarn! It was then carefully planed and crafted with memories and love in every stitch by yours only! It is a baby blanket that can be used in a crib as well as baby bed up to a few years of age, I am sure.

If anyone wants to reproduce, most of it is double crochet back and forth, except for the skirt and the trim. I am going to attempt to make a sort of a pattern to explain what I did.

Bubble Baby Blanket (BBB)
I used 100% Turkish pure bamboo 3.53 oz 241 yds in five colors about three skeins in each color
Round 1 (color 1): chain 220
Round 2 (color 1): ch 3 *dc 5, make the bubble: dc 5 in next st turn the work upside down insert the hook in the bottom of the same st and dc 7 more in the same st, slip st in the first stitch of the bubble (you can find some pictures on how to do the bubble here, the directions are in Russian, but the photos will help)* repeat from * to * until the end of the row. Turn the work.
Round 3 (color 1): ch 3, dc 220, turn the work
Round 4 - 30: repeat round 2 and 3 alternating the colors until you crochet 30 rounds (or the color strips repeat in all the colors three times over)
This completes the skirt of the blanket.

Round 30 - 130: beginning with color 1 **ch 3, dc 220 turn the work** repeat from ** to ** for 100 more rows alternating colors every four rows.
This completes the main part of the blanket.

Round 131: slip st into the first st,*** form a bubble: ch 3, do 4 incomplete tcs in the same st so you have five loops on your hook then slip yarn through all of them, ch 1, slip st in the same st you have been working on, slip st in the next 3 st (I got this idea from here, only modified it a bit to make the bubbles bigger, but this lady has more pictures to explain the process) *** repeat from *** to *** until the end of the row alternating between the five colors of yarn.
This completes the bubble trim

And you are done! Very easy-peasy, just a bit time consuming. But the results are wonderful! I can already see how much fun it would be for the little one to play with all the bubbles!

I am now actively seeking a new long term project, possibly a couple. They most likely will be baby related again. I will be sure to share!


  1. That is so pretty! Love the pattern. I always wanted to try crocheting bubbles and your project definitely inspired me to have a go:)

  2. Thank you! I hope to see your bubbles on your blog soon! :)

  3. This blanket is very special with history, geography, math, the baby has to be smart to slip under it.