Saturday, August 4, 2012

Baby knitting

So this is how it all began... about half a year ago my grandma sent me a magazine with knitted baby clothes and I fell in love. I always wanted to learn how to knit clothes but was afraid to do a big project without knowing what to expect. This began my journey of discovery of endless possibilities! This also began my making of baby things, which maybe is a bit weird but as I said before, it helps me wait till I finish school so we can have somebody to put these pretties on... Makes sense to me. It was funny though, because when I started showing my grandma the results of her inspiration on skype, she whispered to me: "are you pregnant". Nah I wish, but that doesn't mean I can't begin getting ready, right?
So here they are...
#1, my first project... I used cotton and it turned out pretty thick. Like a jacket... But I liked the outcome. Oh, I forgot to say, all of these are meant to be for a boy or a girl, so I picked the colors that would work for either. Plus to be honest, I am not big on hot pink and baby blue... This pattern is from a little book that I got shortly after... This piece is for a newborn to 3 months or something like that...

#2. After my first project turned out surprisingly decent, I decided to buy more expansive yarn. Plus my birth day just passed so I got some money to spend. I really wanted to make this cocoon and the hat, but I needed to find perfect yarn for it - soft to the skin, natural (I want all of my yarn to be natural - always), and in a pretty color. So when I saw this yarn at purlsoho (oh, I love this store!), I was immedeatly sold. I mean, look at the color! It is amazing, and the photo doesn't do it justice! Plus it is super soft merino, I can pat it all day! I found the pattern for the cocoon as well as the matching hat over at ravelry - what a great place!
This piece is also for a newborn.

So then I saw this little jacket and this diaper cover and fell in love! This lady has many many pretty patterns for a very good price! I also bought a little booties pattern from her, but I didn't get to it yet...
So I bought pure bamboo yarn at a local specialty yarns store and jumped in. I think I talked about this one a little before, anyways, I just finished the last stitch on this ensemble two weeks ago! So exciting! Now this one is for a 6 months old.

That is it for now. I am now taking a little break from knitting and am going back to crocheting... I decided to abandon my summer project because the piece that I made was too heavy and took forever! It is always trial and error, so I am ok with it. One thing every crafter should learn is letting go... the second thing would be to say it is good enough. haha. So now I am using the same yarn, but am making one piece blanket with a little bubbly texture to it. So fare I love it! And the progress is reassuring, I do about an inch a day of about 3.5ft length. For this one I purchased my yarn in Russia and is pure bamboo - very soft!

So that is it for now... These projects are really good for a beginner, I think. I have a pinterest board with many more ideas, which I am sure will try and get to some day - one by one, patience is vital in this case.

On the side note, my best friend is getting married today. I am  very happy for you both! And sad that I can't be there! I would love to see you in your happiest moment and take pictures. :) Can't wait to see how it went!


  1. These are so adorable and well made, I can't believe it! Really really gorgeous and luxurious baby clothes!!

  2. Aw, thank you Sonya. I got to say, I strugled with them at times.... Knitting is so different from crocheting... So I'm glad they turned out this way. :)

  3. Too bad I'm not a baby anymore, I would wear it every day......

  4. Mom, if you would be a baby these wouldn't exist! Lol

  5. Yes, that's what I wanted to say, too! I want one for myself!

  6. =****
    скоро будут фотки))
    ты такая молодчина, уже столько детских вещичек)