Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Knitting Project - babywearing, snuggling, nursing shawl/ babyblanket

So recently I finished my blanket and am so happy that people are interested in it, this is the first time I made something without a pattern and I am happy to know I can actually pull something like that! Yey for me! Haha!
But as soon as it was done, I began searching for the new big project to work on. (Actually I started looking even before I finished the blanket. Searching is one of my favorite parts in the making of something new). So here is what I found - a shawl that can be used when nursing, baby wearing, snuggling, can be a baby blanket or even a cape! Amazing, what can be better, right? I found the pattern here, and it is easy and oh so lovely! I had a skein of madeline tosh merino in maple leaf and I am loving the results so far!


  1. Хорошая штучка)
    Только у вас там нитки дорогие...)

    1. Это магазин такой, но качество неповторимое! Они крашены в ручную и ооочень мягкие!

  2. Replies
    1. I had that beautiful orange and made a couple of things with it. My shawl is green but it is the same beautiful multicolor. I can tell you where you can buy it if you want to. ;)

  3. I gotta start my knitting project too. You inspired me, Anastasia!