Wednesday, April 3, 2013

God is AMAZING!!!

My God is absolutely amazing in His generosity! Only three days ago I was worrying sick that I had no patients to test on, almost heading into depression. He sent me a patient and I was able to organize 20 more people to come for the rest of my class! I mean from trying to find a person for myself, guided by God, I went to organizing this big community outreach! How absolutely amazing is that?! This situation of disparity once again showed me how amazing my family is - my mom, brother, dad, and husband supported me through this thing! Without them I would be nowhere.
Huge, right? More than I could ever imagine!
But wait! There is more! He also sent me a bundle of joy! I've met a new friend at church. Her name is Anastasia too! And even her alone would be more than enough fun and joy! But she also has two little girlies that are going to become my little Godchildren in two weeks! I am going to be a Godmother to two beautiful girls! How amazing is that?! We met last Sunday, but already went for a morning walk in the park with kids and talked. I can tell we will be great friends! I fed the little ones and changed their diapers - so much fun for me (you know how crazy I am about little children). I am learning so much from Anastasia - she is a great mother with so much wisdom! You have to have wisdom to have two little babies on your hands when you are my age!
Can you tell how blessed I am yet! For my feeble trust in God, He rewarded me with more than I could ever wish for!
Trust in Him is all I can say...


  1. Thank you, Lord, for Your generosity!

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