Friday, May 25, 2012

Yarn love

I purchased this yarn almost half a year ago for my birthday from purlsoho (one of my fav stores). I know they are not cheap, but we are talking quality at its best! The yarn is made by Madeline Tosh and you can see all the amazing colors here.
It is the most beautiful, vibrant, and soft yarn ever! I used it to knit a tiny cocoon and a matching hat using this pattern, that I found on ravelry. It turned out better than I could hope for. I simply can't wait to put somebody in there! Will take many pictures for sure as soon as I have a little model to fit in there, otherwise it's kinda sad to just take picture of the result without somebody in it. Or maybe it's just me..
I also got one skin of beautiful green and am still looking for a suitable project...
I truly believe that it is a lot more pleasant to work with high quality materials, even though they are hard to afford for a simple student.

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