Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dream come true

About a month ago my mom and I stumbled upon a beautiful doll house in a vintage store down town. I immediately fell in love with it and the next day went with my husband and purchased it.

It's so big we barely have space for it, and it's definitely a long-term project, but man oh man is it fun! I have dreamt of a doll house when I was little and now that I got one, I realize how little I have matured - in my heart I am still a little kid. Which is not bad in most cases.
A doll house is a big investment, with all the light and furniture. I promised myself to make anything I can myself. Where I got stuck is lights in my pretty house. I researched it and apparently I have to wire my entire house BEFORE I begin changing wall paper and putting floors in. Good thing I didn't finish the first room I started working in, so I can still wire it. The problem is all the supplies to get it done are expensive and with our trip to Russia are kind of out of reach right now. So for now, when I feel enspired, I just make little baskets of flowers, carpets, or furniture. I can't wait to encorporate in the room and show before and after. I am really mot a profesional and just do whatever I want and that's what makes it fun!

I have geather a little board of inpirations in my pinterest, so many peopleare so talented, I am always in awe of their anilities and dedication...

And last but not least, if I am ever to tacle that crazy project of mine, this would be my next challenge! How cute is that?! My friend gave me a great idea! Make a little Christmas house that would be a christmas decoration! Oh God, give me patiense not tobegin it nefore I finish what I already began!

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