Saturday, May 26, 2012

Music for summer traveling

I don't listen to the music all the time, but I think there is nothing better than flying on the plain when the whole world is underneeth you, or driving, when trees combine with fields in a blur and rain through a car window with good music softly ringing in your ears. For me a song is a good one, if I can imagine a movie or a slideshow with that song on the background. That way, it is as if you are already in your movie, if that makes sense at all...
So I can't be happier that i finally located my lovely iPad! Didn't need it much when I was in school, but now, I'm so glad it was peacefully laying in my camera bag.
So what I am doing now? Drinking hot tea (what can be better when it's so cool outside?) eating chocolate covered pomegranate, and loading these artists in my trusty friend:
- Adele
- Mumford and Sons
- Of Monsters and Men (my recent new love)
- Feist
- Birdy (that girl is amazing)

Like this...

This is what I consider traveling music. It's not aggressive or offensive, very creative, and simply beautiful!

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