Sunday, February 10, 2013

Pineapple coconut jam

I talked about making this jam so long ago, I don't even want to bother with finding that post to link to it. The point is, I finally did it a couple of days ago! It turned out lovely and yummy - just like I imagined and hoped it would be. I am now having it with tea every morning - on a toast, with peanut butter, or straight.
I used pineapple pure, cream of coconut, Malibu white rum, lemon juice, and lots of sugar, and pectin of course  I mainly went by this recipe, but I learned a couple of things that are surely obvious to everyone else, but I will share them anyways:
1. Jars and lids have to be prepared for canning - sterilized in boiling water.
2. Jams take a lot of sugar. I used six cups! I couldn't believe you need so much, but it is what helps stop the bacteria growth in the jam and reacts with pectin.
3. After the jam is put in jars and lids are screwed on, jars have to be boiled to create a tight vacuum seal. I used a large pan with a heavy bottom and a tight lid. It fit all seven of the 8oz jars in there nicely and I put forks on the bottom so that the jars don't just sit right on the hot steel.
There are some great suggestions and advises for beginning caners here.

Other than that, it is pretty simple I think, and I am now officially in love with canning. I added another hobby/obsession to my long list. Oh man, sometimes I think I really should stop having so many hobbies, but then I think nah, I couldn't choose just one or two, they all make my life funner!


  1. Oh this jam is delicious! I love your this hobby, keep going so we cam have more of testy jams.

  2. I would do anything together with my favorite Nichka!