Thursday, February 7, 2013

This week - whining

This semester is absolutely exhausting! Every week I have to get out of my bubble in a whole new way - teaching kids in elementary schools, participating in various community events, going finding patients, talking to patients... What happened to plain lecture, sitting in class with a cup of coffee and a cookie?
Add to that the fact that the stress makes me vulnerable to cold and I got sick for the third time in two months! This had NEVER happened before. And the fact that I have to wake up before the sun rise does not help the situation. Oh and I now wake up at night and can't sleep anymore too, me, who never had problems sleeping!
Ah, you get the idea. God helps me, and that is how I survive.
Both Jenya and I are tired and angry. And we are being jerks to each other quite often unfortunately. This is the most challenging it has ever bin for me! And not being able to blog, being lucky if I even feel like crafting or doing anything at all after all of that, is very depressing for me. However I squeeze in bits of hand-making there and there. I try to treat myself to some lovely little things like magazines, books, or fabric to keep my spirits up. And tomorrow is our crafting club and I already bought the fabric, washed, and ironed it so it is all ready to be made into hexagons!
So that is my week of whining and here are some good things that made it to my instagram.


  1. I like how you handling your challenges by sticking to God and finding som fun stuff to cheer yourself up. The school will be over, but all good things will stay with you. You almost there!

    1. I keep telling myself that! Thank you!