Monday, February 11, 2013

Done! - polymer clay doll

I started this little doll almost a month ago. I made the head in one day with wigging and everything, but then got stuck on the body. Every time I make a new doll, I change the way I make it to work out a pattern that I truly like - I experiment in a way. I think this one is really close, just a couple of little alterations next time and it will hit the spot. This little girl is stunning to me, though  Every time I make a doll I am amazed that I was actually capable of producing something with a face expression, character, and its own life, where does it come from - me?
I came up with a perfect way of making a cloth body and clay arms, legs, and head to where the head actually turns, arms are double jointed and freely go up and down, and the doll is durable enough to play with even by a kid (to a certain extent of course, I wouldn't give her to a toddler)! I am so excited.
The reason it took me some time to get it done is because I ran into a problem - a fabric problem. I initially was planning to make the body out of muslin or cotton but neither worked well as it frays so easily and I just am not good enough to work with that kind of material for as detailed of a project as this little girl. So I ended up using felt and hand sewn it, like I did my bears before and it is absolutely perfect, soft, durable and still thin enough to resemble skin - good deal! So here she is, I don't know the name yet, but she already has a polar bear hat that I crocheted for her (without a pattern, haha, I am growing in my skills!) to match her polar bear pet that only has a head so far.

I already have ideas as to her outfit and these are the materials that I am planning on using - the polka-dot fabric and lace trim is from my grandmas stash!

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  1. Anastasia, I really think you should do it for living. Your Doll is so artistic! What is her name? Nora?