Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bikes in the park - perfect Sunday!

A long-long time ago, when I was a kid, I accidentally ran into a little boy on a bicycle  or maybe he jumped out in front of me, but I ran away from the "crime" scene and never rode a bicycle again. Well until about a month ago I decided that I want to get a bicycle and start learning how to ride it again. So I told my mom that I think I want to someday get a bicycle and ride with them. My mom laughed and said that my dad actually bought me a bike for last Christmas but she told him not to give it to me, because I wouldn't want it, which she would be right at that point. It turns out he didn't return it and it was sitting in their garage this whole time. When I saw it, it was exactly what I wanted! How lucky is this girl - I barely even decided that I want it, and it was already there waiting for me. So after that I have been begging my parents and my hubby to go ride them.
Today was the day we finally went! Aaaand we went to my favorite park too! I seriously think it is the only green and pretty place in Vegas! We had so much fun chasing the geese, riding (I only fell once!), laying on the grass, soaking in the autumn sun... it was still hot, but gentle and cool breeze made it enjoyable!
Here is my baby! Just need to add a basket and we are good to go!

Donny called my riding outfit butter squash soup... he's onto something! I am just craving Fall colors, that's all! :)

 Today we also went to church, had breakfast together, and after all the bike fun we had deer stew at our house. What a great way to spent a weekend!


  1. i love the pink bike! so pretty!

    1. I know! I can't wait to add a basket to it! It is perfect!

  2. This was one beautiful day! I'm glad you like your bike because I like riding with you.