Monday, October 22, 2012

I love fall!

I just now began to realize how much I actually like the Fall season. I will be honest, I'm not a huge fan of Halloween (oh no! I'm showing my foreign side). well it's just too... I don't know, scary. I think people go over board sometimes with it... Seeing dead bodies and coffins in the morning on my way to school does not bring my spirits up... Although I can't say that all those cute little baby costumes on Pinterest are not.. well... cute!
I am in love will all things yellow, and I never complain about too much rain (maybe because there isn't much in Vegas), and I can finally wear my favorite jackets and shoes! I like the Thanksgiving and all the family fun it brings! I adore all the pumpkins, I picked three in the store and took them home, they are little though. I can't wait till the trees in our parks turn golden, although it might not be until December... And all the thoughts of Christmas are invading my head now too! I really like this season and am excited for all the goodness it will bring!
Some of my favorite instagram Fall snapshots of these couple of weeks...

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  1. I love this season too. I love the smell of burned leafs ....