Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sharpies and hunting

Man, it was a busy week! Still is! School contributes a whole lot of course. And then there is all the prep for going hunting. We need to pack everything we might need for three days. I will be honest, I am a bit scared! I am not sure how I will handle, if at all, all the walking and not sleeping and all. So I just try to think of all the good things we are going to do and it looks like that...

(Yeh, i misspelled together, what can you do, I was very upset when I noticed, but I have an excuse... Well, you know, the one about me being born and raised in another country and all...)
And why am I drawing all of a suden? Well I asked Sonya to teach me to draw and she told me the best way to learn is to practice, so I went and got a set of special edition sharpies, since I am not sure if I am ready to tackle paint or pencil just yet... They are SO MUCH FUN! Wish I would have more time to use them...

I am planning on taking a drawing course as soon as I will be done with my current ordeal. I already imagine how it would be! I am totally going to take it to a weird level and wear what I imagine to be artsy clothes to every class... More on that later, maybe... But that is what happens when you wear nothing but scrubs for two years.
So we will see what this trip will actually turn out to be. I sure hope it will be at least a little bit like i imagine it... Fingers crossed!

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  1. I think you can also take your new sharpies and draw some pictures while Jenia driving...