Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Quick project - light cowl

I talked about my current projects this week, and I am still working on those (I ran out of thread for mom's table cloth though and will continue as soon as I buy more). Yesterday however I felt like I really want to make a little cowl for the new sweater that my mommy gave me (one of my favorite colors - plum). So first I was looking to buy some yarn to make it, and then I remembered that I have some of that multicolored bamboo yarn left from one of my baby knitting projects. So I took it out and they seemed to match nicely with the top.
Then I decided to try something I discovered while knitting my grandma a scarf a while back - if you take a big hook or needles and use thinner yarn it yields some interesting results! So I got my big baby out and in one and a half evenings here's what I was able to show for it.

I am pretty satisfied with the results - it is very soft and light and not very bulky for more classy look. I will pair it with white jeans and maybe high heels! Yep! Life is good when you can take what you already have and make something even better out of it!
I did single crochet all around in a circle - easy and quick. I might make another one from some hand dyed merino I have in orange and yellow colors, if only I can come up with something to pair it with. Doing those short little projects sure gives me a nice break from the lengthy ones, but now I am ready to g back to my blanket!


  1. люблю такие вещи и такие идеи) быстро и классно)

  2. It made me think of my unfinished knitting project left from last year. I think I am ready to get to it!