Friday, March 22, 2013

Doll House - Kitchen

Three posts today! I guess with a week away from school, I have more to tell than with months in it... So this one is about something I did today - finally put floors and tile and the kitchen I renovated earlier in! There is much more to be done - adding food and island and maybe a rug, and some wall art, but it is definetelly exciting to have my first room completed! It is looking cozy and I am hopeful for the rest of the house to turn out good some day! For the lights in the kitchen I put two spotlights under the hood above the sink, I like the way it turned out!
Now my new obstacle is to figure out some kind of turning table for it - should I buy a pretty table for $150 or should I but a turning thing and look for a cheaper table... That is my dilemma at this point.