Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spring Studying

The Spring is in full swing here in Vegas - we had 80'F for the past four days now. We are getting tiny new leaves on our little orange tree. It is hot, but bearable so I am trying to be outside as much as possible. I have one simple but unflattering task at this point - study for my regional board exam that I am taking in two days on Tuesday to get my license upon graduating. It is a big deal as I have to remember (or more like relearn) everything they tried to cram in our poor brains in the past two years. It is an eight hour test with over 300 questions and it is intimidating to say the least. So to try and make it a little less hideous and more pleasurable, I go outside as much as possible.
Yesterday I went to my mom's house and studied on their backyard basking in the sun and accompanied by Mia.
Today we all went fishing on Colorado river. It was quite a trip as we were forced to look for fishing license for three hours! (Boulder City doesn't sell them - so weird for a city built right by the water!) but at the end we finally got there, but didn't catch anything, still it was nice to sit by the water with a bunch of funny guys. Beats sitting at home for sure!

This lovely weather makes my life a little easier right now. Wish me luck for that Tuesday and for the rest of the semester for that matter...


  1. Best of luck with your exam! Looks like a great day of fishing and such a pretty spot to do some studying too:)