Saturday, March 16, 2013

Friday Night Crafting Club (on Thursday)

We might have to rename it to a Thursday Night Crafting Club because we meet on Thursdays a lot more often nowadays. I have to say I look forward to that meeting all week long - it is one of a few happy things in my crazy life right now. I was working on my hexagon quilt this time (it is slowly moving along), Mila was working with paper, Sonya was painting eggs for Easter, and Marsel was crocheting something new. Mom couldn't attend, but I am sure she had fun riding bikes with dad somewhere in California instead. We had tea with scones and discussed our past and future.
Next week we are finally meeting at my place, so I can show everyone all of my finished projects and new toys. Plus it is a spring break for me, so I can cook something fun. I can't wait!
Our club is slowly growing, and I am excited about that!

P.S. lately I am feeling lazy (or overwhelmed) and I post all my photos untouched. I kinda like them that way, they are more real to me. So yes, I know they are darker than they should be, but that is how I like them!


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  2. как классно) и моя вязаная повязчка у тебя, я даже забыла о ней, если честно)

    я вот решила устроить что-то вроде таких же встреч, только тут у нас, посмотрим или получится у нас с друзьями собраться)

  3. Missed you, guys.