Friday, March 22, 2013

New Knitting Project

A week or so ago, my Jenya was watching me knit my cowl and said that I remind him of an outlet mall - it is 80'F outside and I am knitting a thick, warm cowl. I took that in consideration and switched gears to a lovely bolero that I can wear on a cool summer day. I found a beautiful pattern here, and it is exactly what I would love to wear! I immediately ordered the yarn from them and I can't even begin to explain how delicate and soft it is! The color is amazing too!
Now when I got my yarn And began knitting, the pattern kicked my butt right from the start, I could not figure out the schematics - where do you start, which way do you go? Nothing looked right. I had to take each piece and knit that little sample until it looked right. Once I figured it out, it wasn't so bad, I just need to constantly pay attention to what I am doing.
So this is my new project. Any new projects, friends?


  1. I am so in love with this bolero, I have decided to start my own, will you help me? I am going to order the yarn and the needles.

  2. Absolutely I will be happy to help you! On the last photo you can see my notes with the arrows pointing which direction the pattern is going and they start at the right side. But I will be happy to show you next time we meet! So exciting!

  3. Хороший сайт по ссылке) буду заглядывать туда)

  4. YOu can do it, Anastasia!