Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Last day...

It is hard to believe that we've been in Russia for 3 weeks now. It was fun visiting my husband's family and we made many memories together! Now it is time for me to visit my family in Ukraine. Tomorrow is the last day in Russia. My mother-in-law and I are taking a train to nearby big city so that I can fly from there to the Ukraine. We leave tomorrow morning and I leave the country the day after that, early in the morning.
I am excited as I get to see my dad, his wife, and their almost one year old daughter (my half sister), I also get to see my grandmas and grandpas and my friend, I get to go to our summer house and possibly visit an art exhibition, I get to see how my city changed... So it should be great!
However I am sad that I am leaving this family - they took me in and love me as their own. I will miss our talks with my mom-in-law, I will miss my dad-in-law, I will often remember their pretty house, the village that we visited.
I will miss this funny dude that likes to eat flowers and gets his face all covered in pollen.

I will miss this mean but quite majestic old lady, who makes a puddle next to your shoes as a warning that they should be put away, and if you don't next puddle goes directly on misplaced items.

I will miss this adventurous turtle, who gets out of her bucket to crawl around the house, warm herself on the sun, and steal some food from the cats' bowl. By the way her name is Tasya, I asked.

I will worry about my husband who is getting a hernia surgery tomorrow and on top of that got fever. The only reason I am leaving him is because he is left in good hands - who can take better care of him than his own mother.
It is weir to think that I will not see them all for at least a year. Who knows, maybe next time I see them, I will be an accredited dental hygienist?!
There is a lot to pray about, a lot to be excited about, a lot ahead.
For now, getting myself to go to sleep is the best thing I can do for myself as a two day journey is ahead.

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