Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Real moments

There are times in life, moments when everything feels so real, so vivid, so important. I just sit there and marvel at the moment, at the realization that this moment will imprint in my mind maybe even for ever.
At moments like that it's important to live in that moment. I try to grab it, grasp at it and not let go. I want to keep it for as long as I can.
This is what I felt like, sitting on the back seat of the car, as my husband drove us to the nearby city, as trees and meadows were passing by, as my favorite song was playing in my ears, and cool fresh air was blowing in my face through the car window. It smelled like wet grass, and sometimes like mint too. I felt completely happy. Hoped this moment will never end.

In the city we went into a little caffe, that I really liked. It was quite and had a unique style to it. We ate yummy food and my husband was acting silly, making me laugh.

It ended though and now I am struggling with reality, with having to deal with certain people and their ignorance and immaturity and inconsideration. It hurts and makes things hard to enjoy. I hate myself for inability to control my feelings, to not show my mood on my face. My stupid face always betrays me! It is so difficult to live with a face like that.  But hopefully it will end soon enough, when this person will leave my life at least for a little while, and hopefully I will be able to regain my peace again, and enjoy the rest of our vacation.

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