Saturday, June 9, 2012

Three cats and a turtle

I feel like animals are all around me here in Russia. It is amazing to think that some of them, like the white cat Musya or the turtle (don't even know what its name is, it just walks around the house) are from my husbands childhood! It's crazy I think, because I have seen the photos of him 14 years old and playing with a little white kitten, or have heard the stories about the purchase of this little turtle that could fit on a palm of a hand, and here they are now...
The black cat, Basik, is the nicest cat ever, he would sit on your lap for hours and doesn't mind being picked up. He came into this family after my husband left the country.
As for the pretty mama with one little kitten, she lives in the village and is a happy little cat. I had fun petting her and playing with her little one when we visited.

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