Friday, June 8, 2012

Thoughts and amazing blog!

It has been over a week since we arrived here, hugged and received hugs from my husband's wonderful family, and unpacked our suit cases.
I enjoy visiting family, because I get to relax my mind and body and more or less enjoy some me time. We fly so far away from our home leaving not only our friends, family, and plants, but also all the clutter that fills our lives not letting us rest properly.
Our lives here are not filled with too many activities. I don't feel as a tourist here. It is small european town with little streets and a few buildings that are hundreds of years old and still stand, reminding of the times I really wish I could visit. We don't take tours, as my husband, who was born here and lived here for 20 years, showed me the places I really wanted to see - the hospital where he came into this world, the school he attended, the university he never finished because he moved to the US where we met - all the places that I imagined when he told me stories of his childhood. We walk past these historical for our family places every day, and that satisfies my curiosity for this town. Another thing that I mentioned before is the nature - cool and humid, green and juicy - it is such a change from Vegas and reminds me of my childhood as well.
So I sleep till afternoon, eat lots of chocolate, crochet what is long ways from being a baby blanket, drink tea, read favorite blogs and books, and think about the future while looking at the business of this little town through the windows. it might sound boring, but it is much needed after all the stress of school on my part and work on my husband's.
So today, I found an amazing blog, called Dear Baby, where a mother of two describes her life with family in such a beautiful way that makes me want kids even more so. She has beautiful way with words and her birth stories are so touching I cried! I need this kind of inspiration in my life, this kind of reading helps me get through this time of intense studying and waiting for the opportunity of having our little babies. When I read about other people's fun and struggle with their little ones, I feel closer to my own dream... I don't know if it makes sence at all.

I just need a bit more patience and determination. Never thought I would get myself into a situation where if I get what I really want and get pregnant, I would loose what I have been working for this whole time - my opportunity to finish school and get my dental hygiene degree. I mean, there is no way I can have a newborn and be at school over 12 hours a day... There would be no question about it, I would sacrifice school. Anyways, there is time for every activity, God has a plan for it all, I just need to be patient. After all it's only a year left. And just the thought of possibility of having a child from the person I love the most, is heart melting and gives me curage to live day by day.
So for now - we rest.

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