Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I am all about qute little things now. It is my secret best way to cope with stress of getting a higher education. Well now it's not a secret anymore. Here it is in a nutshell - if I am stressed, I make something cute, or find cute ideas to make when I run out of projects, like that's going to ever happen.
So yesterday I finished little crocheted converse shoes for a newborn, using this pattern. To be honest, it was ment to be a one weekend project - while watching Disney animated movies, crochet one on Saturday and another one on Sunday to take it easy. I have no idea why, but I struggled with this thing for three weekends! For some unknown reson, I kept messing up and finding out about the mess up when I was done with the whole shoe, so I had to redo each one of them like ten times! It was like a curse! Well, but I'm done now, had to say good enough, because they still had minor mishaps there and there. But they are cute, so tiny and soft! I don't regret anything!

Maybe owly will wear them for now...

One project completed, one to add to the list - and this one is for the futue (hopefully not too far future)...
This amazing lady came up with a way to make little pendants out of shrink plastic sheets! I am smitten! What is this shrink plastic? I had no idea it even existed, but how fun are these?!

Full instructions can be found here.
So that is that for now. I am off to school again, so far so good, I survived 2 days! Only 198 days to go! WE CAN DO THIS! Just need to keep finding time to make little cutesies!

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  1. Oh! I love these tiny shoes and you idea how to fight with stress. next time instead of throwing feet I will try beading.