Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Getting ready

Tomorrow is our two year anniversary and I am getting ready. I decided to make a little meringue berry cake and a little cake topper to surprise my husband in the morning. It was my first time making, or trying to make, a meringue... So here is how you mess up a meringue cake:
- first use plastic bowl to beat the egg whites (they will never beat, because the plastic holds the greace from previous use and egg whites don't like it)...
- then dump that and start again (good bye six eggs) in a glass bowl. Get it right this time, good job! But now bake them until they are nice and brown, that means they are ready right? Um... No, because they get golden pretty quick but are still soft and will come flat and become sticky for the most part...
So maybe I don't get the idea, but my meringue base was pain in the butt and I even cut my finger trying to separate it from the parchment paper! At the end though, once I put it all together, it didn't look so bad ( I just put a whole lot of cream on it) and with the little cake topper, I hope my Jenya will be half way impressed, or at least delighted.
For now, I get to finish the remainders of cream and berries - yum!
P.S. if I am to make meringue again (which I will because I can't just let it win) I feel like I can succeed taking all the mishaps in consideration. I will be sure to share the RIGHT way with whoever might be interested!


  1. You should keep first six egg whites and make french toasts with it, funny girl :)

    1. Yeh, I know. :( I feel so bad for the poor eggs now!