Thursday, August 9, 2012


I love freshly squeezed blogging. The kind that you do as soon as something happens, while the feelings are still fresh! So here is one... I just finished my summer semester of dental hygiene school - two more to go! Aaaand I just took my anesthesia injection test, where I had to administer 11 injections without any help or tips from instructors - and I nailed it! I am so proud of myself and my girls and boys! We came in just three weeks ago shaking and dreading every moment of it and look at us now! We officially know everything we need to clean anybodies teeth! Now we just need to polish our skills! And the greatest part - no more poking in MY mouth! In these three weeks I got 66 injections done on me! Oh my gosh! Is that real? Yes it is! And I am so proud of myself for overcoming this obstacle as well. I am ready to jump in! Bring it on!
Now I get two week break from school starting now! I think working on my projects and making my first chicken curry sounds like an agenda for today! So exciting! Thank You God for such an amazing day, for not letting my hands shake, for keeping my mind straight - what would I do without You!