Friday, August 3, 2012

A photograph that captures feelings

So many times I wish I could just blink and take a photo of what I am seeing. Better yet if there would be a way to capture feelings and make an image...
When I am exhausted, it feels amazing to take a deep breath to my favorite music and do a row of neat stitches that some day might become a blanket for my babies... To have a peaceful heart is a great gift from God and it saves me from insanity of every day life. I forget to be thankful for that.

Discovery of the week: I figured since I have to get all these injections and there is no way to avoid it, I might as well use this opportunity to learn to control my anxiety. So I did! It worked too! I was a lot calmer, didn't shake, clench my fingers together, or cry. So it IS sort of a choice weather we are frightened or not, upset or angry or offended or happy. I will choose to be courageous and be happy!

"Why so terrified? Of what lies ahead of you? Terrified of the night and its creatures. Terrified of the day and its light? You know you can't go on like this. Get dressed and wash your face. Wash away your dismay... Wash away all the lines that doubt has scrawled all over your face..."
Good night!

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