Friday, August 24, 2012

We are two!

Yes, we are two! We've known and dated each other for three times that, but we have been happily married for two years now! I love our marriage and how we are in it, it is so cute, I hope our kids would be as cute and healthy at two years old, as our little marriage is. Of course it would be nothing without love for each other, that God so generously supplied us with - without it, it would be sad, I really think so. I am so happy to be married to this amazing guy, I think we help each other be better, and it means we are on the right track. He is my bear - so cute and cuddly yet powerful, strong, and big! Only this guy can get his toy that he's been waiting for for so long in mail, bring it home, set it on the floor and play with it so much he falls asleep on the floor with all the parts laying on his stomach - how cute is that! I wish I could post a photo, but it would make a dent on his reputation, plus he is in his undies, so I will keep it to myself, look at it and giggle.
We don't give each other expensive gifts, but I did make this cake (that I described here as a complete fiasco) and a cake topper that is us out of clothespin - me in my dress and Jenya in his white shirt... (I've seen a similar one on pinterest and it gave me an idea for our little one...)
In the morning he went to work, and it was pouring rain. So I opened all the windows, set in the kitchen, listened to and smelled the rain, drank coffee, and watched our wedding video, and reread our wedding story. I honestly think nothing can be better than that. Then he came home, we ate and I presented him with the cake (it was a surprise and I hid it in the fridge behind milk cartons and told him to not go near it... It gave him a reason to send me to the kitchen for anything he wanted. He even asked me to bring him ice cream! It's in the freezer, it's not even close to the cake, not even the same door, you goof!) I was dreading the moment he tries the cake, because I wasn't sure how it turned out. We blew out the candles together and dug in - it was ahmazing! I honestly believe that it is because I prayed to God to save this cake because I spent so much time making it! He loved it and, to my surprise, I did too! So that turned out well!

Last year we established a tradition, that we really knew would take place even before we hit one year mark - to celebrate our special day in the same restaurant we had our reception in. We love that place and had a great time there last year!

This year it was even better! We got a bottle of young sweet white wine and ended up drinking it all, it was so good! We got a bit giggly as we indulged in our stake tar-tar, lobster, stake, and cremebrule! And we can't forget the freshly baked bread with home made butter - yum yum yum! We came at a perfect time too, when the sun was just setting, turning the sky above the lake bright pink, and then it turned dark and they lit the candles and the fire place, it was so romantic! And the black swans!

So we ended our happy day with live music, amazing food, delicious wine, candlelight, and lots of happy conversations about our past and future together!


  1. I am so happy for you two. Congratulations and keep on!

  2. How come you've started the diner in one outfit and end up in another???

    1. It's this year's and last year's photos, you goof!

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