Monday, August 13, 2012

Tiny toys

This weekend I was working on little toys for my little room, to put on my little bed. I drew a couple of ideas, but then had to stop myself from a couple reminding myself that it is going to be a room for a girl of about ten years of age. So dolls, bears, rabbits galore it is. I wanted to try a couple of different things: a doll is made from polymer and viscose for hair, a bear is made from wool felt and sewn like a big toy, even jointed, and a rabbit is made from miniature cotton and sewn as one piece (well sort of, because i wasn't able to turn the ears right side out after they were sewn, so i had to add them after the rest was done), and last but not least a doll bed from toothpicks and a tiny piece of carton board - yep I'm proud of that one. I plan to make more dolls and maybe even bears and of course a doll house (you can't have a miniature girl's room without a miniature doll house).

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  1. This pices of art should be displaed in museumm of miniatures. I know, I've seen them in real, it's amazing!