Monday, August 27, 2012

The last day of summer break

This post could have bin a sad one. Especially considering that when I am writing it, I am already done with the first day of school and although it wasn't bad it was very hectic and I ended up falling asleep as soon as I came home, even though it was only two in the afternoon. Oh well, it might or might not get better later. Regardless it is just something I have to do and as I have said before, I choose to go down with courage and faith in God!
OK, back to the last day of summer break... It is not going to be a sad post, because it was quite a day! We had a corporate meeting at one of our coworker's house in the mountains. Considering that I work for my parents and so does half of my family and the rest are good friends of mine, and that the so-called meeting was in fact very casual, let's just say it was fun and no work related talk was allowed! We had tons of yummy food, rode our bikes around (I got to try dad's new toy!), saw many horses, shot many bullets and simply enjoyed the 78'F weather (when we left Vegas it was 93'F!)
So it is a photo galore from here on!

 A great ending to a great summer. What is next? - Thank Giving, Christmas, and all bunch of birthdays - here I come!


  1. I love the pictures with clouds most of all, they are amazing! Ye, it was a great time, we need to do it again....

  2. круто-круто!)) лето выдалось отличным) надеюсь мы когда-нибудь вместе отдохнём где-нибудь!)

    1. You'r back! Woohoo! Я тоже очень надеюсь на это!

    2. у меня есть одна идея по поводу совместного отдыха) авось чего и получится)
      как только созвонимся в скайпе, я тебе расскажу. мы уже приехали, но сейчас накопилось дел немного, постараюсь тебя выловить как-то!