Thursday, August 30, 2012

Babies come from Pier 1

Well at least a baby for this little family did. Once, about two years ago, when Jenya and I came home from a long trip to Russia, the mama owl was sitting there on the bed waiting for us (a gift from my mom). Then when I was feeling down from all the school stress, my mommy gave me this penguin to make a pair for the owl - they are both from Pier1. I, of course, feel like the penguin is Jenya and the owl is yours truly, but I do it with all the pairs, be it flowers, pets, or toys for that matter...
So when I got them, I decided that some day I will make babies for this pair, but I never got to it.
Today while checking out Pier1's sale, I found this little guy (or a girl) and had to get this pretty! She looks just like her mama, and my childish self is satisfied!
Along with that, our anniversary little present for Jenya was finally ready for pick up. Perfect timing on my part - only a week later... It is a little photo book that I composed out of our photos to highlight major events of the past two years. I am planning to make a tradition out of it, because although I take many photos, I am not a scrap booker, as I've said before, I am still working on our wedding album, and I haven't even started our honeymoon album - shame. I don't know what it is about scrap booking, but I just can't make myself sit down and work on it. Digital photo book is a different story...

I am pretty happy about this one!
On a different note, I am amazed at how God is working in my life! I made a promise to myself that I will let Him take over the stress of my life, and not be afraid and He is on it! The Father of my heart, I feel so safe in his hands! Just yesterday a patient called to cancel an appointment with me, which is a big deal because I have to have somebody in my chair every clinic. So having no hope, I decide to see if I can bring my husband again. I treated him last semester and he could only come back after 6 months - those are the rules. In my head I count the months thinking it is my only hope and it is not going to happen. Turns out he is due in 5 days! So the instructors, being their sweet selfs, allow me to see him that day! I call him and he is done with his classes and is close, so he comes and saves the day! I don't believe in coincidences and that was amazing!


  1. You two just like pinguine and owl! Hahahaha!!!

  2. OK, so it's not just me then, because I think so too! :)

  3. I like the picture book, I think it is a great way to preserve the precious moments.

    1. I liked making it too! I hope to make more.