Monday, September 3, 2012

Being real or the night of old comedies

So yesterday we decided to spice up our evening by drinking wine (me) and beer (hubster) and eating cheese and watching an old comedy.
When I told my mom we were drinking wine and eating cheese and watching an old movie she said that this sounds like a blog post - haha. Because when you hear that, you think...

This image is from google, and ours looked more like this...

An instagram, because I didn't feel like getting up and picking my camera, besides cheese we also had bacon (yep, bacon at 9:30 at night, but it goes well with beer and apparently with wine as well), pistachios, and dried calamari. Not as fancy and blog worthy I guess, but this is us - somewhat weird Russians. We had loads of fun and everything was yum!
I catch myself sometimes trying to make things look or sound better than they are in here, and maybe overall in life, but really, what's the point? Life is fun and beautiful and it needs to be real..


  1. Totally worth of sharing! You forgot to mention the name of the movie. And yes, what could be better on Sunday night than some treats and a good movie!

    1. Oh yeh, the movie adds to the whole picture. We watched Hot Shots. Lol a silly 90s comedy but we think it's better than many they make now...