Monday, January 7, 2013

An evening in the park

There is this one place that I am sure to take my children to some day many many times. It is simply breathtaking! It is full of old trees and lakes and ducks and peacocks. A couple of days ago I took my friend Mila there and we had some hot tea with scones, fed some ducks, sketched a little, and walked around. We got bullied by two geese but Mila saved our lives by finding a little branch to shoo them off. It was fun and relaxing! The steaming tea, the fresh cool air, the golden sun, the water, the birds, Mila's red hat and my wooly mittens - everything was just right! That place always makes me happy!


  1. Ha ha, funny dinosaurs :) it was fun chasing them around

  2. I like Milas hat too. Lovely!