Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Nostalgia (I might make it a series)

Only eight years ago I could not have imagined that some day I will be parking my Infinity next to a jewelry store to take my diamonds in for semiannual inspection (at any age, let alone 22!) Heck, if someone told me that I would have any car, or a place of my own I would laugh long and hard! Now granted it is not all that glamorous, my Infinity is over ten years of age and the only diamonds I have is my wedding ring, still I find it funny that the thing I craved the most for the past week is this simple desert from Soviet Union times of my childhood.
In the land of any possible food imaginable, I am having my tea with wafers covered in cooked condensed milk and with every bite I purr from the divine pleasure. So weird! Do you remember it, do you know what I am talking about, people? These wafer sheets and you just spread condensed milk on them layer by layer? Our whole "cake" was gone in one day, aperantely my hubby finds it very indulging and addictive as well, no surprise as although we were born in practically different countries, the limitations of the post Soviet Russia and Ukraine made our lives very similar to one another, which I am grateful for!
I think we are going to make more, and it is delightful to think that my future children can have it and love it as much as their parents did when they were kids.


  1. Well, if Americans have they rice krispies why can't we have our waffle cake. Simple is always good.

  2. Ahh those nostalgic treats - they are always the best. my favorite is those chewy caramel little square chunks called "kis-kis".