Saturday, January 5, 2013

Great book/ great blog

I recieved most of the books I was drooling over earlier this week. I looked through them, my favorite so far being The Creative Family by Amanda Blake Soule. She is right up my alley, talking about being creative with your children. She brought me to tears with her introduction talking about feeling a need to create when she got pregnant. Knitting a little sweater for her soon to come baby, made her feel present in the moment, meditating, getting ready, putting her love into something feasible for her future child. She described my feelings exactly. Although I am not even pregnant yet, for the past year, I have been channelling my desire to be a mom and creative flow into clothes, blankets, and toys for someone to enjoy some day and it helps me wait purposefully.
I was gulping her book in until I found out she also has a blog (of course!) called SouleMama, where the photos of her family, their beautiful house, their snowy winter, their trees, sheep, and chickens, made me want all those things I always dream about all over again!
Why is there never a book about someone raising a healthy family in Vegas, in the desert?.. That would be a great incuragment to me.

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