Saturday, January 12, 2013


Isn't it interesting that the good memories also make you sad? I wonder why is there a longing to that past that we are so readily recall. Being nostalgic is a mixed and complex feeling. It is amazing how a cup of tea and wafers and a can of cooked condensed milk can take you right back to that long past childhood, where everything was simple, where there was no grey only black or white - good or evil, where there was no death, where someone took care of you, where you were at peace. Having this late evening tea with the little treats of my childhood made me also realize that I still have that longing to my dear Ukraine, that I am still some times home sick... I thought I was over that. Yet somehow, unexplainable thing happened - the sadness  the memories of the things that will never come back, the nostalgia made me happy.
Happy and sad - we immigrants and grownups always are.


  1. Oh, I hear you, I would like to believe that it will get easier with time but so far it gets harder with every year. I am lucky to have a Russian deli up the road so I get treats all the time when I feel sad. Those trips to the shop make me happy:) I speak russian, I get my jam or candies, sometimes get a rude response from the shop assistance and I feel like I am home!

    1. Surprisingly enough our Russian store has really nice Russian girls there, but everything else, yep, exactly how I feel, I always bring little treats from there that make me happy. :)

  2. We are lucky to experience nostalgia. It means we have warm memories - treasures we keep in our hart and some times we pul them out to enjoy deeply.