Saturday, September 22, 2012

A productive day

Usually I feel like the most productive day of the week for me is Saturday, because it is my day off and although I have to do my homework, I am not as hectic as when it is school time.
Usually on Saturday I try to get some sleep in. When I wake up, I make a plan, in my head or on the paper, of what needs to be done. I am pretty good about doing 95% of things on that list. Today I made a list on the paper because it felt like I had a lot, so I didn't want to forget anything.

Besides doing laundry, ironning, washing dishes, and things like that I made a couple of things that made me a very happy girl today.
First of all I found a new favorite soup - cream of mushroom. Of course I had cream of mushroom before, but this recipe is super quick and it is out-of-this-world delicious! I now have two quick recipes of soups that I would eat any time of the day (first one being chicken coconut soup, of course).

I served it with toasted basil bread and cheese.
Then I also made poppy seed strudel and that turned out quite yummy as well. And it is certainly pretty! I used sweet and rich yeast doe. For the filling I soaked poppy seeds in hot water for about an hour, then drained them added a bit of butter, sugar and honey to taste, and a tsp of vanilla extract. I then put it all in a blender and mixed.

After my husband came and we ate together, I made myself another delicious new thing - this time a drink. I saw a similar idea on pinterest and modified it to my liking. Basically I boiled coconut milk and poured it over dry lavender flowers, then added some honey and let it steep. The smell was AHMAZING! The taste was pure deliciousness and very calming.

So that is my day. Now to finish my homework for the day and go crochet my baby blanket.
I did so many things today, yet this post is kind of lazy. I could have made three different recipe posts out if this, could have taken beautiful photos with my camera, but instead just used my iPad... Oh well, hope it is still useful in a way.


  1. How did you get so many things done in one day??? I wish I can be so pruductive....

    1. It is a known fact that when you need to study and do your homework many things get done that have nothing to do with your school. ;)