Tuesday, September 18, 2012


So there is this box of Russian candy that my Jenya bought to bring to his office to thank people who help him orient himself in a new environment. It just lays there in a refrigerator looking all pretty. Today I decide I want it - and all of a sudden it is the only thing I want. He is not going to the office any time soon, so I ask him if I can have it, then I come up with a new rule that whatever lays in the fridge for over two days is mine, then I try to bargain with him saying I will do anything. And when I finally get it, I sit on the floor and tear the plastic off the box, take a photo of it and say how amazing my husband is for getting candy for his wife for no reason, surely it is because he knows how much I like sweet surprises, he probably gave it to me because I've been behaving all day! Haha!
As I devour one candy after another (first get all the chocolate off the spongy milky filling, then eat the filling, then lick remaining chocolate off my fingers) I ask him: " Jenya, are you tired of me?.." in the sweetest voice possible, because he is awfully quite, all this time trying to listen to some video on YouTube. He replies: "today or overall?"
Bahaha! Surely we are perfect for each other, as surely as I am spoiled sometimes...

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