Friday, September 28, 2012


From time to time I try my skills at doll making. It is hard! But very rewarding! For the most part I tried polymer clay and fabric. I like the idea of soft body, but clay gives an opportunity to make face arms and legs exactly how I want them. Every doll I make is precious to me, it is hard to not like what took you so long to make...



They are oh so different and it is clearly because I am still in search for a perfect material and style for me. I actually have another head waiting to be wigged and to get a body, but I don't feel inspired just yet.  I also tried a new doll medium for myself - fabric. the first prototype did not come out as I wanted it to, so we'll see how it'll go from there... I will be honest, it is discouraging when you try something and it does not exactly come out the way you want it to. So some things end up just laying there, but I get back to them sooner or later and finish them anyways, so all me dolls get a body and some hair. :)


  1. точно не поняла из какого ты материала делаешь, но у нас вылепливают из папарклея, очень тонкие и изумительные работы из него можно делать я так понимаю.)
    А куколки у теб я- заглядение, особенно Маша мне нравится))

    1. Мне тоже! Я делаю из полимернои глины.:) спасибо Наташечка!