Thursday, September 6, 2012

My little brother,

You are not so little anymore. I often realize that I am not either, when I look at you. We go way back - the two of us. Besides mom and dad, you are the longest lasting friendship I have. And although now, there are people in your life that are at times more available to you then I am, we will always be best friends, I am sure. Maybe not the kind that see each other every day and share every little thing with each other, but the kind you run to, when it is either really bad or really good. Because you know as well as I do, we will be there for each other - always.
Saying all that, I will say one more thing - I truly hope you will find a good girl to be your life-time friend and partner. The kind that will loose her old ways and find something new in both of you as one, the kind that is not only a beautiful face, but is also a loving, understanding, and Christian heart, and most importantly, the one who will not consider you a good addition to her life, but instead will give you her life to cherish and love and make your own.
 - Your not-so-big sister.
 P.S. I love your cat!
 P.P.S. Welcome back!
 P.P.P.S. I am so glad you got grandma's porcelain statuette! I truly am (now that I got over being jealous, lol!)

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  1. As amother I wish you'll experiance the filiings I did when I was reading this post. Thank you.