Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The weird nature of human beings...

As I eat spoon after spoon full of yogurt with honey and peaches, I think about the weird nature of a human being. On one hand we are, at heart, kind and loving, on the other we are proud. I think it hurts to be proud - we fight because we are proud and keep on going with the stupid argument, because we are trying to prove something to somebody... But why and what?!
Yesterday we had an argument with my husband. We both said things that hurt. But even yesterday it didn't matter, it matters even less today. He is at school and I text him:"when are you coming home?" he says: "in an hour or so." So I want, with all my heart, to say: "please hurry, I miss you so much! These stupid fights don't matter! I just want you to hug me again and kiss me and not be mad at me and show me that you love me, so I can love you back! Because you are everything to me! And when we are separated by this stupid meaningless pride I am empty and sad." but instead I say: "ok".