Saturday, September 22, 2012


Yep. I use to model... I stopped because it didn't fit with my vision of who I wanted to be. It was difficult for me to keep authenticity of who I was, because having cameras on  you and knowing that people think you are beautiful definitely gets into your head... So I stopped for the sake of my husband, myself, and our future.
I haven't even looked at my old photos for a few years, but for some reason stumbled on a couple albums today. I want to share a couple for the old time sake. I got to admit, I was surprised at how good some of those turned out... Here are a couple of my favorite...


That's enough of that... What do you do with all those shots of yourself?.. It's not like you can put them on  the wall... kind of useless if you ask me...


  1. What such a beautiful girl! It's MY daougter!

    1. We look alike yiu know. I got to thank you for my looks. <3

  2. You are very beautiful! And also some photos remind me of this girl