Sunday, September 16, 2012

Friday crafting club

Last couple of times I had to miss due to various reasons, but I am back to attending our crafting club. As always there is good food, talk about blogs and crafts, and crafting itself. We all do different things but mom and I have been working on my wedding album for the past two months. Did i mention I am not a scrapbooker? I decided to stick to digital albums from now on. However I did purchase an album for our honeymoon trip long time ago, so I am just not done yet. But it most likely will be my last scrap book in that form, anyways, I just need to come up with a more fun way to harvest memories...
As always it was a fun night, but I did feel bad when I got home and my little Jenya was sleeping already, with the light on because he was waiting for me and fell asleep. So although it is fun, I really need to make an effort to get out earlier.

P.S Mila made her own peanut butter and put it on bananas, we ended up taking some home, I put it in the freezer and ate before bed yesterday - it is so good! I have all kinds of ideas now, like what if you freeze bananas with pb on top and then cover them in chocolate?!

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  1. Yes! I am glad you guys came over and had fun and actually accomplished your project despite of distractions..:)And the idea of banana with peanut butter covered with chocolate is genius!!