Thursday, September 13, 2012

Half a boat

My dad bought half a boat (which means he has to share it with his friend who owns the other half) and we took it for a ride last Sunday. Equipped with a whistle, that he did not hesitate to use every five minutes because supposedly this is what you are suppose to do for safety, he was a happy camper. So were we - it was an amazing, relaxing day for us. We found our own private beach that you could only get to on the boat and swam and had lunch that my mom made - which means it was yum!. Our private beach turned very public after about 3pm (we were amazed how this one family was able to fit 17 (!) people in the little boat that could only hold 5, is that even safe?..), but that didn't spoil the fun for us, because we took that boat to the dam and all kinds of pretty places. My little brother, Kirill, even went cliff diving. The best thing was that the water was absolutely wonderful and we spent most of our time soaking in it. So lots of fun, sun and photos!

Thank you, mom and Donny, for providing us with this wonderful day!

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