Monday, September 24, 2012

Used book love

As a kid I loved looking through grandma's Burda magazines with all the crafts. My grandma has quite a collection and I was fortunate to snag my favorite ones from her.
I think of this memory as a reason for my passion for craft books. I mean, with internet and sites like pinterest and craftgawker, and plain google search you can find anything your heart desires. Yet my little library keeps growing in size and I look through it frequently. There is just something about books in general that can't be replaced by computers. Or at least I think so.
There is a used book store close to our house that I discovered not so long ago and they have great books for really low price that are hard to find. I don't go there for anything in particular, but I head straight to the crafting section and pick whatever my heart leaps at.
So today I had another clinical test at school and on the way home decided to stop by that little store to find something little to reward myself. Sure enough I immediately knew that this pretty book is going home with me. How can you pass on a book full of cross stitching projects with characters from children's French and English books? They have Madeline, Babar, Angelina the ballerina, Vinnie the Pooh, and more! I couldn't take my eyes away from it and am still looking at it now!

You can bet your sweet... ehem... whatever you would like to bet... that I paid those $4 and ran out of there before they changed their minds!

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  1. Nice buy, I really want to get there! I am crazy about craft books, too.