Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wish list: photography

It has been a rough week, so I don't have much to show for myself... hence all the wish list posts. One can still dream, right? So here is one for photography - another passion of mine, that started about three years ago with my first DSLR camera - a gift from my dad. All of these are from (a place that a photography fanatic like me shouldn't even look at to avoid extensive drooling).

Polaroid Z2300  makes me want to cry, I want it so bad! It is beautifully designed, awesomely fun, and gives huge amount of possibilities for creativity! Same goes for Zumi. My dream is to enhance my photography experience with the Polaroid and start taking videos with Zumi. All I need now is... money! Or maybe somebody very very loving (hint hint ;) )


  1. aw there are all so awesome, but so expensive, I mean if i look at photojojo I'm always like I want that and that and that... but if I'd buy all that i would be broke

  2. Yep! That is why I am waiting for my birth day or Christmas or something... :)

  3. i want the dslr usb key! and the polaroid too, i love polaroid -i wish films weren't so expensive.