Sunday, July 29, 2012

About how we went camping last week..

For the past two weeks I've been talking about going camping, well we did. Last weekend we packed our bags and tent and went to my parent's property in the mountains. We left late because we had to work and on our way there we witnessed the most beautiful sky!

(the photos are unedited - amazing, right? And can you see that wall of rain on the first photo?..)

But there are not going to be any photos of our fire, our tent or s'mores because as we got there, set up our tent and started a fire, a gushing wind came and our tent almost flue away and our fire got all crazy, so we had to use all of our water - drinking and all - to put it out. It was late, and there was dry thunder and some place not far the rain was pouring, in addition we were out of water and couldn't start the fire, or have a tent because it would fly away with us in it... so we turned around and went home. The end.